Build A Strong Team That Leads Great Worship (No Matter How Small Your Church Is)

Learn how to make the most of what you have with the Small Church/Big Worship Coaching Group, an experience designed (and priced) with the smaller church worship leader in mind.

What You're Up Against...

You're here because you lead worship in a church with less than 200 people. That means you're up against some TOUGH challenges.

I get it. I spent several years working in smaller churches:

  • My annual budget was about the same number as my bowling score–and I'm a horrible bowler. 
  • I also had very few worship team members, many of whom struggled musically
  • And on top of that, I had to try to encourage my small congregation to engage in worship every Sunday. At times, it felt like they were as responsive as tree bark. Maybe less.

But I'm A Volunteer (Or Part-Time)

For many of you, that's your story. But to make it tougher, you're a volunteer or part-time leader. So you don't have the luxury to spend hours each week trying to improve your team. You're just trying to make it through Sunday.

Most Resources And Training Are All For The  BIG Churches 

Most of the worship conferences and training events are geared towards ministries that have worship teams larger than your entire church, with budgets to match.

And even when you read worship magazines and blog posts, it seems like they're talking to churches of 500 and up.

That's why I started offering the Small Church/Big Worship Coaching Group a few years ago:

>>I've been in small churches.
>>I know the struggles and frustrations.
>>I wanted to help.

Small Church/Big Worship Coaching Group is geared to specifically help you lead worship and grow a team in a smaller church. Plus, you get the bonus of learning, interacting and having accountability with other leaders like you who get it.

What Will The Coaching Group Do For YOU?

Over the next 7 months, you'll engaged in training and discussion on topics to deepen your leadership and grow your team.

At the foundation, you'll learn why small church ministry takes a special kind of leadership (and how God has already begun to equip you for that).

"My Congregation Doesn't Sing Out (And My Worship Team Won't Engage)!"

One of the barriers to your congregation singing out is your song list. You'll  learn how to transform your song list into something that helps your team and congregation engage more in worship, and makes your worship planning easier.

And you'll learn how to transform your team into one that  worships and engages with the congregation.

"My Team Won't Practice!" 

This coaching experience will help you figure out how to get your team to practice, participate in rehearsals, and even show up on time. Seriously.

"I Need More (And Better) Musicians!"

You'll learn how to find more musicians and qualify them without people freaking out that you're holding "auditions." AND learn how to say NO to people who don't qualify. 

You'll also learn how to grow and develop the musicianship of the team you already have. You'll learn how to create a great sounding band with simple arranging techniques.

  • During this coaching experience you'll also learn...
  • >> How to identify and deal with team dysfunctions.
  • >> How YOUR personality mixes and matches with your team members. In others words, you will understand each other better.
  • This coaching experience won't magically change your church or your worship team. But it will give you the tools to transform it, coupled with some hard work. 
  • Now, you're already working hard. But this course will help you focus that hard work to be more effective.

What Does The "Small Church Big Worship Coaching Group" Look Like?

Month 1: Making The Most of Your Leadership 

You will learn what makes small church worship ministry so uniquely challenging. And you'll begin to understand how you need to lead your team towards transformation. 

Month 2: Creating Exceptional Worship Gatherings

Learn how to design sets and services that engage people and move them along in an intentional journey of worship.

Month 3: Develop a Life-Giving Song List

Learn to shape your active song list so your team and congregation can know and sing those songs from the heart. It will take some work. But remember, your songs provide a majority of the language of worship for your church. Because of that, we need to learn to become good stewards of our songs.

Month 4: Create A Culture Of Preparation

Learn tools and tricks to get your team to practice, participate in rehearsals and even show up on time. Give them musical skills to succeed each week and watch how more freedom in worship they have.

Month 5: Finding More (And Better) Musicians

In smaller churches, your pool of eligible musicians is smaller. So you have to be creative when it comes to attracting and developing new musicians. You'll learn how to say no to unqualified musicians before they end up on the team. You'll also learn how to develop the musicians you already have.

Month 6: Building The TEAM In Worship Team

Part of finding more and better musicians is having a team that people want to be a part of. This session will help you identify team dynamics that can erode your ministry from within. It will also focus on building a leadership team around you to complement your strengths.

Month 7: 1:1 Coaching Calls

You will spend an hour together with a trained coach discussing goals and strategies for moving your church and your team forward.

What Are The Monthly Coaching Calls Like? 

We connect for 60 - 90 minutes on a group coaching call. This isn't like some tele-coaching things where there are 20 to 30 people on the line and some dude talks at you. Groups are limited to about 12 people.

So we have time to hear from YOU and talk about YOUR specific challenges with YOUR team at YOUR church.

And you don't just hear from the coach, but you get the collective experience of people in the group.  Past participants talk about how this was an important part of the experience for them.

When Are The Coaching Calls?
For this upcoming session, the coaching calls are on the second Tuesday of the month at 9pm ET. 
To see more details about these coaching calls, and to get other questions answered, click here. 

How Much Preparation Is There?

Each month, you'll get sent a link to preparation page. That may include some audio and video training, some articles to read, or an occasional short ebook. The preparation will take you 2 - 3 hours each month.

What Participants Have Said....

  • Solving Challenges
    "I participated in Jon's Small Church/Big Worship Coaching Group during Fall 2012. It was encouraging to be able to share and hear others' leading experiences. Jon's coaching helped solve some specific challenges my church faced, and that I faced as a leader. It is constantly a work in progress, but I can see improvement as a direct result of the group." 
    Nick Mathis

  • Dealing With Issues
    I found the Small Church/Big Worship Coaching Group incredibly helpful! I had served on a worship team for several years, but when faced with the prospect of stepping up into leading worship, I had no training and felt more than a bit overwhelmed. This coaching group was helpful with every issue I was dealing with: administration, organization, how to select worship songs, transitions between songs, etc.. You name it and this course covered it.

    ~ Liesl Higgins

  • Connection With Other Leaders Who Get It
    The training we received was great, and I think the support that we were able to give each other was even better! Being in a smaller church is a blessing; however, it comes with its own set of challenges. What I found the most helpful about this group was having someone else hear my struggle and say, "Yes, me too!"
    David Unrau


The Investment Of The Small Church/Big Worship Coaching Group  

If you were to hire one of our coaches for a one-on-one coaching through this material, this would cost well over $1500.

The price for this 7-month coaching experience for only $329. (And yes, there are payment on.)

You might be able to go to one of the big worship conferences for this amount, but you walk away feeling like you drank from a fire hose. If you walk away with two or three good ideas that you can implement, it was a pretty good conference.

But this group coaching experience gives you time to process and talk through things. Plus, you can ask questions the next month after you've tried new things.

Easy Payments
I know that many small churches can't come up with this amount all at once. So that's why we offer a payment plan that doesn't penalize you. So you can make seven low-cost payments of $47 each month of the course.


Limit Space and Application Process

To ensure you make a great connection with the coach and other participants, we keep these coaching groups small--around 12 people or so.

And because we want to make sure this is a fantastic experience for you, we have an application process that ensures this is a good fit. 

Enrollment is NOT open yet for the next session. However, those who are on the wait list get first priority enrollment.  And no payment is required to get on the wait list.

Get On The Wait List To Get Priority Enrollment

Small Church/Big Worship Coaching Group really can help you grow your team and take your leadership to the next level. Don't miss the next coaching group. Get on the waitlist now.

30 DAY Money Back Guarantee

You might be thinking, "What if I hate it? Will I just be stuck?"  Here's our promise to you:

If after the first month you find that you hate it, or it's a bad fit, or life goes sideways on you, we'll give you your money back. And once we get beyond two months, if for some reason, you still want out, I'll make sure you get a pro-rated refund for the unfinished course.