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"Immediate Positive Results!"

Brendan Prout

"Both the videos and the discussion guides have been very down to earth and helpful for our worship ministry engage in real conversation about improving how we prepare. 

"We have seen immediate positive results as folks have risen to the challenge. It's been a real help to our team!"

Brendan Prout | Worship Pastor, South Side Baptist Church | South Bend, IN

"A Fantastic Tool!"

Angela Stone

"As a worship leader, I have had certain challenges changing team culture that was in place long before my time. We had just never been taught the practical reasons practice is important, and definitely not the Biblical basis. 

"Practice Matters is going to be a fantastic tool for me to use!"

Angela Stone | Worship Leader, Grace Community UMC of Fishhawk | Lithia, FL


Practice Matters Course

Practice Matters a training program designed entirely to help YOU lead your worship team members towards great preparation habits.


When worship team members don’t practice...

  • They use the rehearsal as their own individual practice time.
  • So then you leave rehearsal unprepared for Sunday. That adds stress for you as a leader.
  • And those who did practice ahead of time feel their time was wasted and start to resent being on the worship team.
  • Sunday warm-up and sound-check is stressful because the team is still putting the pieces together.
  • During the service, those who didn’t practice enough have their heads buried in their music stands. They can’t connect with the congregation or even worship because they’re too focused on the mechanics of the song.
  • They can also be a distraction from worship if they’re not playing their part right OR they are up on stage looking timid and scared.
  • You lose focus as a worship leader when you’re trying to hold an unprepared team together.


biblical reasons

Teach your team the value of preparation from a biblical perspective.

reduce stress

Reduce the stress and frustration of people coming unprepared to rehearsals. 


Help you make the most of your rehearsal time. 

practice techniques

Teach your team practical techniques that will improve their ability to prepare. 


Deepen the musicianship & commitment level of your team members.

memorize music

Encourage and teach your team to memorize their music.


Practice Matters - video download

9 Training Modules

These nine modules pack a ton of training into a short time. How short?

Each video training is around 7 - 10 minutes long: something you can show in rehearsal and not eat up the entire time. Or they can be used altogether during a team workshop.

Practice Matters Leaders Guide Download

The Leader's Guide

There’s also a leader’s guidebook that gives you:

  •  Ready-made questions to lead discussion.
  •  Tips for implementing the changes to your team.
Practice Matters Team Handout Download

Team Member Handouts

The team member handouts:

  •  Are ready-to-print and easy to email.
  •  lnclude tips to help team members start using the practice tips and techniqes.
Practice Matters - video download

BONUS Leadership Training

Three Bonus Leadership Training Modules:

These three bonus modules help leaders overcome specific challenges when it comes to preparation.

The 9 Practice Matters Training Modules

Module 1: Why Practice Matters

Your team will discover the biblical reasons why preparation is important. They’ll also learn how their practice directly affects both the health of the worship team and the worship of the whole church.

Module 2: Quit Practicing At Rehearsal

This session lays the foundation for the importance of practice BFORE rehearsal. We also dive into what healthy rehearsal expectations are team members: arrive early, well-prepared, and ready to engage.

Module 3: How Prepared Is Prepared?

Most of the time, team members don’t actually know how prepared they should be for rehearsal and services. So this session explains in tangible ways how much they need to practice, while taking into consideration different learning styles and skill levels.

Module 4: How To Practice Effectively, Part 1

Unfamiliar songs can eat up your team member's practice time. In this session, we look at specific techniques, tips and hacks to practice new songs without taking too much time away from preparing our all of our other songs.

Module 5: How To Practice Effectively, Part 2

When it comes to familiar songs, it's too easy to think, "I've got this." Even if we'd played a song before, we needs to spend time preparing for both rehearsals and services. This module will help you prep your known songs in less time, so you have time to learn the less familiar tunes.

Module 6: How To Memorize Your Music

The less time your team members spend with their heads in their music stands, the more they’re going to worship God, engage the congregation, and just have more fun. This module will teach tips, tricks and hacks to memorizing songs before Sunday. And not only that, but it teaches WHY memorization is important.

Module 7: The Rookie Mistakes of Practicing

Practice doesn’t make perfect, it makes permanent. So your team members need to know how to avoid the bad habits of practicing. This module will dispel the myths and correct the mistakes your team makes with their practice time. 

Module 8: How To Practice With A Click

Playing tight as a band is less about the amount of time you play together as a band, and more about playing in time together. Practicing with a click will help build solid sense of time among your team members, even if you don't use a click during the service.

Module 9: Practice On My Week Off...Seriously?

Ever had a musician come in after three weeks of being off and make a comment about how they haven’t played since the last time they were on? Our musical chops (voice and instruments alike) are like anything: if we don’t use them, we lose them. So we talk about ways to do less on their weeks of, but keep forward progress.


BONUS MODULE #1: Develop a Preparation Expectation Document

Sounds fun, right? But as part of holding your team accountable to your new higher standards of preparation, you need concrete expectations to hold them to. This video you teaches you how to create this document in a way that your team OWNS it and COMMITS to it.

And BONUS in the bonus: You’ll get a ready-made, customizable preparation expectation document that you can use as a springboard to create your own. You don’t have to start from zero.

BONUS MODULE #2: Implementing a Mid-Week Rehearsal

If you only rehearse on Sunday right now, chances are, things are stressful and don’t always go the way you want them to. If you’ve been wanting to lead your team towards a separate-from-Sunday rehearsal, this module will help you not only with how, but how to get your team members on board.

BONUS MODULE #3: Making the Most of a Sunday-Only Rehearsal

So you might be stuck with a Sunday-only rehearsal right now. That doesn’t mean you can’t still have great rehearsals that help you lead engaging worship. This module will help you and your team make the most of your pre-service rehearsal time.

Your Investment In Practice Matters

Practice Matters Course

All 9 modules + Bonus Training: $147

You get full access to all nine modules and the three bonus modules. At this great price, each training session is around $16 each. You can train your whole team that!

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed  

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

We know you are going to love the Practice Matters course, and it is going to help you take your worship team to the next level. 

But if for any reason you decided that this course is not right for you, just contact us within 30 days for a full refund.

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Practice Matters Course

All 9 modules + Bonus Training: $147

You get full access to all nine modules and the three bonus modules. At this great price, each training session is less than $15 each. You can train your whole team that!

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